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Video report

The following information is required to register for the entry video:

Screenwriter, director, photography, music, male and female protagonist, male and female supporting artist vitae, and video poster (all of the above materials require electronic version).

1. When completing the registration form, please fill out the form in Chinese in detail. The registration item should be in the “Chinese painting” and provide relevant materials.
2. The entry film should be a Chinese-language feature film that will be produced during the period from July 1, 2016 to July 31, 2018 and will be screened at the theater.
3. The length of the participating films is not less than 70 minutes. The provided digital video DCP copy format JPEG 2K, if the copy involves the key problem or mailing other formats, please contact the organizing committee office in advance to negotiate.
4. The video registration form, posters, profile of the creative staff and other materials need to be sent electronically to the film festival mailbox. Participating, participating film samples (DVD full-length) and DVD film publicity films should be delivered to the film festival judges before August 10, 2018. Office.
5. The jury shall notify the office of the jury of the film festival before August 20th, 2018 if the jury informs the participants of the copy of the entry film.
6. The jury shall notify the office of the jury of the film festival before August 20th, 2018, if any copy of the selected film is notified by the jury.
7. The deadline for participating in the video participation registration is August 10, 2018.
8. If you are unable to deliver the film copy of the participating exhibition for any reason, please contact the film festival office in advance.
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June 1, 2018

China Changchun Film Festival Organizing Committee