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News Express

Project Regulations of “Golden Deer Project” of The 14th Changchun Film Festival

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In accordance with open and fair appraisal mechanism, “Golden Deer Project” of Changchun Film Festival endeavors to seek and support outstanding Chinese film with market potential, to build profession

In accordance with open and fair appraisal mechanism, “Golden Deer Project” of Changchun Film Festival endeavors to seek and support outstanding Chinese film with market potential, to build professional project platform with international vision and to deliver new blood to China film industry. Examining synthetically from angles of ideas, types, screenplays etc, “Golden Deer Project” jury encourages original screenplays with innovative quality. By strict selection based on solid screenwriting foundation and integrity, the jury makes every effort to find outstanding film project with artistic quality, investment values and market possibility.

I. “Golden Award Project” Appraisal Procedure

i. Screenplay collection

Screenplay collection commences on July 30, 2008 and will end on August 24. It collects outstanding Chinese feature films (except for cartoons) towards the whole society. The major submission standard of the work is story outline or complete screenplay.

ii. Screenplay preliminary appraisal

Preliminary appraisal starts on July 30, 2018. The jury consists of six professionals and veterans in the industry. They appraise and score all the submitted projects, examining synthetically from profound theme, new idea, solid screenwriting foundation, distinct type and practical ability etc. After this process, ten outstanding Chinese film projects, with both commerciality and art, as well as market investment values, will be selected and be in final road show and appraisal section.

iii. Road show and final appraisal

This part will be organized during The 14th Changchun Film Festival. The jury for the final appraisal will include three heavyweights in this industry. The first 10 projects will be on road show. And the jury will comment and direct each of them on spot, and determine which work can gain support through scoring.

iv. Project negotiation meeting

During the Festival, the first 10 projects will have a deep negotiation with 10 guests from industry and capital units invited by “Golden Deer Project”

II. “Golden Deer Project” Support

There are following four support items of “Golden Deer Project”: Award for Best Original Screenplay, Award for Possessing the Most Business Values, Award for Type Creativity and Jury Special Award. Honor certificates and support bonus will be awarded to the winners by the leaders of the Festival organization committee and members of final jury. Other six selected projects will be awarded as “Outstanding Project”.

III. “Golden Deer Project” Appraisal Specifications

i. Entry Conditions

1. Feature film project with potentiality of showing in the cinema (except for cartoons);

2. The film doesn’t start to shoot. And it hasn’t finished its total financing activity;

3. It already possesses the complete screenplay or screenplay outline (Projects with finished screenplay will be given priority.);

4. Fixed director or producer is in charge of the project.

5. The project is Chinese film project;

6. The film project is required to possess commercial or artistic values.


ii. Application Materials

1. Director resume and works timeline (within 200 words);

2. Producer resume and works timeline (within 200 words);

3. Brief introduction to production company (within 200 words, optional submission);

4. Project introduction with one sentence (within 50 words);

5. Story outline (within 230 words);

6. Creation illustration (within 200 words);

7. Screenplay outline (not less than 3000 words, sending to the contact email);

8. Previous representative works of the director (optional submission, no more than two long videos or two short videos. Please offer the website and watching password);

9. Project planning book (including production budget chart and shooting plan, sending to the contact email);

10. Complete screenplay (optional submission, sending to the contact email).

If the project is still producing, the following two items are also required:

11. Film trailers (20 minutes, Please offer the website and watching password);

12. Summary of present development phase (within 300 words).


iii. Application method

1. Enter “Film Market” in the official website of Changchun Film Festival (www.chinaccff.com). Click “Golden Deer Project” and fill in the complete information according to the requirements and then submit;

2. After online submission, the staff will examine and verify in three working days. The project passing the verification will gain a project number automatically;

3. After number generating, please send materials like screenplay outline and project plan book to the specified email of the organization committee according to the requirements within five working days;

4. When all the materials have been submitted, the organization committee will reply in the email and confirm the successful application of project;

5. The applicant should be copyright holder or the representation of copyright owner of the submitted project;

6. Please ensure the provided information of contact is true and effective;

7. The project application charges no fees;

8. All the files and materials will not be returned. The organization committee will store unifiedly, only used for appraisal of Changchun Film Festival.


iv. Treatment of the selected films

1. Three project representatives (director, screenwriter and producer) will be invited officially as the project guests of “Golden Deer Project” of The 14th Changchun Film Festival and take part in related activities;

2. The selected project will make open presentation to the organization committee and all the industry guests;

3. The selected project will have communication opportunity with all the members of “Golden Deer Project” jury;

4. All the selected project has the opportunity to carry out one to one round table negotiation with industry investor and distributor invited by “Golden Deer Project”;

5. The selected project will take priority in panorama of Changchun Film Festival Organization Committee.


v. Notice for the Selection

1. The organization committee will release the results of selected projects in the last August on the official website of Changchun Film Festival. And before the official release, the notice will be sent by telephone or email. So please keep your contact way smooth and correct. If there is any change, please inform the organization committee in advance;

2. Once confirming officially the acceptation of selected invitation of “Golden Deer Project”, please cooperate with the organization committee on the related preparation works positively. And no one may be allowed to withdraw the selected project with any reason by himself.

3. At least one project representative commits himself/herself to taking part in all the activities of “Golden Deer Project” for the whole course. If there is no attending representative, the selection qualification of the project will be canceled automatically.

4. After the release of selected projects, the project unit is required to finish information registration on the official website of Changchun Film Festival. If not registering in time, the selected qualification will be dropped automatically;

5. The services provided by organization committee will charge no fees. So when the film project finishes, the related signs of Golden Deer Project of Changchun Film Festival should be added in the beginning or the end of the film.


IV. Legal Notices

All the projects should be submitted by the only authorized representative who possesses the legal rights of the project. And the project submission unit and the only authorized representative have the following obligations: ensuring the total rights of project, for example, originality, legitimacy and possessing related ownership and copyright entirely etc; ensuring the submitted project and its related information will not damage the interests of the third party; ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the submitted project and its related information; if there are law liability and economic commitment caused by the above reasons, it should be undertaken by the project unit; if there is third party dispute caused by the above matters, project party unit the authorized representative should solve it by themselves and undertake the entire responsibility. Therefore, the loss of Changchun Film Festival Film Market Department and other losses should be undertaken and compensated by the project unit. Once the selected film finishes shooting, the organization committee will reserve the rights to add “Changchun Film Festival”, “Golden Deer Award” and Logo to the beginning or ending subtitle of the film. The signature arrangement should be confirmed in writing by Changchun Film Festival Film Market Department in advance. In terms of documents, materials and information submitted by authorized representative, if they are related to confidential content, written instructions should be done when submitting, otherwise, it will be regarded as non-confidential content. Changchun Film Festival Film Market Department has the right to use the registration information, pictures and words of the project, and specially provided source materials and information for the following purpose, including but not limited to: the release of materials and information on the official website of Changchun Film Festival; release on the spot of Changchun Film Festival Film Market in the form of propagating materials; used in propagating record and video of Changchun Film Festival and Changchun Film Festival Film Market Department. When time permitted, the awarded project should take part in the related activities in priority, such as Changchun Film Festival Film Panorama, Award Appraisal, Opening and Closing ceremony and red carpet activity.

Changchun Film Festival Film Market Department will deal with registrant’s information carefully. The relevant staff will guarantee the safety of submission materials, and that the materials won’t be lost, leaked and damaged. The project unit should take charge of their own relevant materials in storage, secrecy and information safety.

The related presentation and negotiation of project of Changchun Film Festival Film Market Department both belong to independent advice expression of each side. The shows, presentations, negotiations of each unit in the activities don’t represent market opinion of Changchun Film Festival and Changchun Film Festival Film Market Department. And the Festival and Film Market will not undertake any assurance or guarantee responsibility.

Changchun Film Festival Organization Committee possesses the final interpretation right of all the activities of “Golden Deer Project” of The 14th Changchun Film Festival to the largest extent permitted by China laws and regulations.

V. Contact Way

Contact: Wang Jiaqi

Tel: 010-87578549

E-mail: filmmarket_ccff@163.com

Entry channel: www.chinaccff.com

* Anyone applying for participation in Golden Deer Project of Changchun Film Festival implies adherence to the regulations as here set out. Changchun Film Festival Organization Committee reserves the final interpretation right of these regulations to the largest extent permitted by China laws and regulations.

“Golden Deer Project” of The 14th Changchun Film Festival Entry Form