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Foundedin 1992, Changchun Film Festival China is a national-level film festival as well as the first one named after the city since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. During these 26 year

         Foundedin 1992, Changchun Film Festival China is a national-level film festival as well as the first one named after the city since the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. During these 26 yearsbrilliantdevelopment, thirteen editions have been held successfully. Not only does it give particular attention to the professional quality, but also it concerns pubic feelings. It exerts pivotal and principal influences in the world-wide Chinesefilm production areas, which makes positive contributions to Chinas film and even the development of Chinesefilm.

In the past 26 years, more than one thousand films become famous nationwide and worldwide, embodying the fruitful achievements of China film reform and development. Changchun Film Festival further gathers wisdom and strength of filmmakers nationally, even globally and has been a landmark brand of city film culture to “improve friendship, transmit culture, promote communication and innovate development”, by encouraging outstanding films which present core socialist values, promote China Dream and possess union of artistic quality, ideology and visual enjoyability. Therefore, delegates from more than 30 countries and areas, as well as sister cities have participated into activities of the Festival. Full of passion, vigor and dream, Changchun Film Festival has become a grand gathering to boost the development of film industry, to converge outstanding films, to exchange ideas, to collide minds, stimulate brilliance of minds and motivate talents to come forth.

From the 1st edition to the 13th edition, there are altogether 137 awards in “Golden Deer Awards”, more than 500 grand cultural activities for the masses, in which about 5000 people in film field and about 7 million Changchun citizens have participated. Today, Changchun Film Festival has already been a significant hallmark activity of Chinese film field and the most shining cultural card of Changchun. In the meanwhile, it is also cultural memory of several generations, which not only profoundly embodies film feeling of Changchun, but also typically represents coordinated development of region economics and culture, advancement of social civilization, and stable and harmonious state of the people.

The 14th Changchun Film Festival will be held on 1st-8th September, 2018 in Changchun. Holding the festival successfully is the important mission to develop advanced socialist culture, and the important opportunity to promote the film, the city and enlarge city influence. Furthermore, it is the important carrier to make Changchun film culture rooted deeper and to satisfy people’s need of good life. Directed by State Administration of Film, co-hosted by Central Radio and Television Station and Peoples Government of Jilin Province and organized by Peoples Government of Changchun, the Festival will take Focusing China Movies New Generation, Building ChinaMovie’s New Strengthas its purpose and New Era, New Cradle, New Poweras its theme. Thus in the Festival there will be following six sections: “Golden Deer Awards” Appraisal, Film Panorama, Film Forum, Film Market, Film Cultural Activities for the Masses, together with Opening and Closing Ceremony. With these colorful and varied movie activities, there is no doubt that this Festival can be viewed as a magnificent gathering for Chinese filmmakers, also a festival for numerous film fans and the masses.

Based on Changchuns discourse, Jilin provinces background and Chinas stories, The 14th Changchun Film Festival will both highlight the charm of film culture and shape the peak of film culture by following and carrying forward the spirit of film cradle of new China, and relying on the resources endowments of Changchun film culture. With a view to pass on this culture further, it endeavors to build an incubating support platform for China film youths. With a view to develop and thrive, it makes great efforts to build an integrating innovation platform for film industry. With a view to join and gain, it strives to build a public-interest service platform for the masses. With a view to guide the values, it struggles to build a cooperated directing platform for Chinas film. Moreover, in harmony with national development strategy, Changchun Film Festival will graduallybecome public-interest film base, deriving from Changchun, linking northeast region and benefiting the whole nation; It will gradually become industry highland, supporting Jilin province, radiating across the country and influencing northeast Asia; It will gradually becomefilm dreamland, rooting in China, connecting the world and facing the future; It will gradually become the new cradle to nurture new film power of the new era, as well as new engine to promote the rejuvenationof old revolutionarybase area in the northeast and give impetus to the flourishing and thriving of film industry in the new era.