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News Express

News Express

The Unveiling of Preliminary Review Jury of “Golden Deer Project”

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Attracting a great deal of public attention, preliminary review jury of The 14th Changchun Film Festival “Golden Deer Project” is unveiled finally today. Let’s see together which high-fliers in the vi

Attracting a great deal of public attention, preliminary review jury of The 14th Changchun Film Festival “Golden Deer Project” is unveiled finally today. Let’s see together which high-fliers in the video production sector are included.

Xu Zhiyong

Vice general manager of video production of Bona Film Group. His major production works are WOLF WARRIOR II, CALL OF HEROES, THE DEAD END, THE TAKING OF TIGER MOUNTAIN etc

Bai Yali

Vice general manager of Dadi Film, possessing rich experience of film production, distribution and management. She has participated deeply in every links of several films, including CONFUCIUS, ECHOES OF THE RAINBOW, FAKE FICTION and BUT ALWAYS in the early phase, as well as THEORY OF AMBITIONS, TRANSCENDENT and MR. BIG at present.

Du Hongjun

Founder of Bianjubang, CEO of Beijing Xiaobangzhichun Culture Media Co., Ltd., deputy secretary general of China Film Literature Institute, judges of Media Awards section of Shanghai International Film and TV Festival four times running. He has planned and held Industry Conversation Forum of Beijing International Film Festival ---China Film Screenwriter Symposium four times running; He has also initiated and hosted The 1st China Screenwriter Talk Show in 2016, as well as The 1st Screenwriter Carnival in 2017.


Liu Na

Principal of Tianfu Studio of Tencent Penguin TV. She has engaged in works related to film industry and paid close attention to the market for years. For project assessment, production and distribution of films, she can offer professional judgments. She focuses on projects and contents of high quality with both public praise and commerciality, who is willing to support capable new directors and to explore valuable new projects. She has participated deeply in many films produced or co-produced by Tianfu Studio, for example FOREVER YOUNG, MONSTER HUNT I and II, GOODBYE, MR. LOSER, BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES II, END OF SUMMER and BUKESHALU.

Liang Ming

Director of The Fifth Generation of China film, photographer, professor and PhD supervisor of Communication University of China. He has won the Golden Rooster for Best Cinematography, and its Nomination Award for Best Director, Best Feature Film together with Best Children’s Film. He has also won the Golden Deer for Best Cinematography in Changchun Film Festival. His major works are BALLET OF TWO DANCERS, LU, FEMALE COACH & MALE PLAYER, BASEBALL BOYS, LAST STAND, THE RING OF RAINBOW FLOWER, and QI.