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News Express

The Launching of Elaborate Art Performance Festival of Changchun Film Festival (Performance Information Chart Attached)

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On August 7, modern pingju Spring Back to Taowan was on show in Changchun People’s Art Theatre and indicated the unveiling of “Happy Changchun, 

On August 7, modern pingju Spring Back to Taowan was on show in Changchun People’s Art Theatre and indicated the unveiling of “Happy Changchun, Culture Benefits People” Elaborate Art Performance Festival. In the following 40 odd days, there will be 57 performances on show one after another. This activity is also one of Changchun Activity Series of The 5th People Culture Festival of Jilin Province.

Spring Back to Taowanis another work with high quality produced by Pingju Opera Theatre of Changchun Performance and Arts Group after 2 years’ striving. It tells that the first secretary of Taowan village leads the villagers to develop green economy and build a beautiful village. Li Chunyan, the first secretary of Taowan village, comes back to her hometown after 30 years. When taking up the office, she is faced with several difficult problems, for example, selling the mountain land privately without permission, contracting for the collective quarry and election by bribery and bully etc. She puts forward to withdraw the mountain land, close the quarry, and start vegetable processing plant which largely relies on the abundant natural resources of the mountain and village. But her proposal is rejected strongly by Hou Dajin who has saved her life in the water. Finally, with the support of the villagers, she restrains the village bandits and bullies by law, and brings beautiful days and harmonious life back to Taowan village.

This performance festival is co-hosted by Propaganda Department of Changchun Municipal Party Committee and Changchun Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau will last to September 15. During this period, in Changchun People’s Art Theatre, there will be more than 20 stage plays of high quality with low ticket price to benefit the masses. Among them, there are projects with China National Arts Fund: modern dramas Huang Danian, Nanmen Kezhan, The Last Sentry Box; Children play Dashanli de Hongdenglong; Xincheng play of Man nationality Tiexue Nvzhen; Huanglong play Xingguo Huangtaihou; and special acrobat of Acrobatic Troupe of Changchun Performance and Arts Group. These plays insist correct production direction, embody core socialist values, uphold the theme and persist the union of ideology, artistic quality and enjoyability, therefore enjoying great popularity.

In the meanwhile, parts of plays in the following units will also participate in the festival: Jilin Dongbeifeng Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Jilin Deyunshe Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Changchun Peaceful Grand Theatre Co., Ltd. and Liu Laogen Stage. 57 brilliant performances of different forms will be carried forward in these 40 odd days, which will add more artistic atmosphere to The 14th Changchun Film Festival. (Synthesizing Changchun Daily and Changchun Evening News)

Tickets Sale Information: The tickets for every performance are on Damai website and part concession tickets will be distributed through media.