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News Express

This is the classical melody accompanying several generations of Chinese! The Unveiling of 10 Concerts of Changchun Film Orchest

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On the night of August 18, Changchun Film concert hall was full of not only enthusiastic audiences, but also pleasant melody. 

On the night of August 18, Changchun Film concert hall was full of not only enthusiastic audiences, but also pleasant melody. Changchun Film Orchestra’s A Salute to Masters—The concert of Film music works of Yin Shengshan, Liu Chi, Lei Zhenbang and Zhang Dichang was held grandly, which symbolizes the formal joining of Changchun Film Orchestra into performance series of Film Music Season of The 14th Changchun Film Festival.

During the Festival, from August 18 to September 18, Changchun Film Orchestra will hold 10 concerts of fine quality and different styles one after another, sending its best wishes to the Festival.

Performance Spot


Accompanied by the symphony prelude adapted from film music of VISITORS ON THE ICY MOUNTAIN, A Salute to Masters special concert was open officially. Afterwards, the interludes The Wind from the North Binding Red Strings,Huanqing Jiefang and Rao Shanlin of THE WHITE-HAIRED GIRL and FIVE GOLDEN FLOWERS were played one by one. These classical melodies enjoyed high popularity and familiarity of the audience and won their warm applause. 

Accompanied by the symphony prelude adapted from film music of VISITORS ON THE ICY MOUNTAIN, concert is open.


There were altogether more than 10 pieces in this concert, which were all chosen from outstanding music works of film and television once conducted or composed by people film music pioneers—famous film music conductor of Changchun Film Orchestra, Yin Shengshan; famous film music composer Liu Chi, Lei Zhenbang and Zhang Dichang. These songs and pieces have initiated a new chapter of people film music and accompanied the growth of several generations. They have already experienced more than 50 years test, indicating their long-lasting unique charm. 

   Conductor Xu Zhijun     Photo Group by Meng Zhaodong

With reverence and admiration for the senior artists, several music masters came to support the performance, gathering three generations of the age. The concert was conducted by Xu Zhijun, famous permanent conductor of China Opera and Ballet House, who has cooperated with Changchun Film Orchestra for several times.

Famous women sopranos Bian Guirong and Li Xiuwen of the Orchestra sang A Paean of the Hero, interlude of HEROIC BREED, and Zhiyou Shange Jing Qinren, interlude of LIU SAN JIE separately, through which the common film memory was reminded.


Music festival of film theme is one of the three major activities of Film Cultural Activities for the Masses. After this special concert A Salute to Masters, from August 21, the following concerts will be held one after another: Back to the Classics—China Film Symphony Concert, Classical Film Songs—Orchestral Symphony Concert, Williams and Hans Zimmer, The Oscar Night—Symphony Concert of Foreign Award-winning Films, Glory and Dream—China Film and Television Works Concert, Johann Strauss’ Works Concert, Classical Animation and Anime Films Concert, Review of Foreign Film Concert. On September 18, My Heart Will Go On—Ten Oscar Great Hits Concert marks the end of 10 performances of Changchun Film Orchestra.