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News Express

Collection of Micro Films and Micro Videos for Panorama and Appraisal of The 14th Changchun Film Festival Starts Now!

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The 14th Changchun Film Festival is a Chinese film festival, directed by State Administration of Film and co-hosted by Central Radio and Television Station and People’s Government of Jilin Province.

The 14th Changchun Film Festival is a Chinese film festival, directed by State Administration of Film and co-hosted by Central Radio and Television Station and People’s Government of Jilin Province. The Festival launches panorama and appraisal section of micro films and micro videos, and collects outstanding works produced by youth film producers and college students film lovers. This activity aims to present high-level micro films and micro videos reflecting mainstream values, era features and passing positive energy. It also endeavor to find and train youth film newcomers with sense of duty and mission. Moreover, it tries to strengthen production communication, support outstanding production and make culture of film and television in the new era thriving.

The activity for Chinese youths (college students) will include three appraisals: micro film, micro video and “Future Star” of college students. The selected works will be in concentrated panorama in the network video platforms and universities. On September 4m, the final results will be released in Dream Ceremony of Changchun Film Festival. 

Works Requirements

(1) The work should be original micro films and micro videos produced after January 1, 2017;

(2) The work can’t violate laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China;

(3) The work topic needs to be positive and accord with core socialist values;

(4) It needs to be new and original in designs and expression techniques, possessing a union of ideology, artistic quality and visual enjoyment;

(5) Work length: shorter than 45 minutes for micro film; 2-20 minutes for micro video;

(6) Work form: MOV, MP4, RMVB, AVI greater than or equal to 1080 P or 1080I HD source form.