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News Express

The 14th Changchun Film Festival China A Contribution-inviting Notice of “My Film My Dream” Poetry and Prose Contest

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Founded in 1992, Changchun Film Festival China is a national-level film festival as well as the first one named after the city in China. Since its foundation, during these 26 years’ brilliant development, thirteen editions have been held successfully. Directed by State Administration of Film, cosponsored by Central Radio and Television Station, People’s Government of Jilin Province and People’s Government of Changchun, The 14th Changchun Film Festival will be held on 1st-8th September, 2018 in Changchun, with “Focusing China Movie’s New Generation, Building China Movie’s New Strength” as its purpose and “New Era New Cradle New Power” as its theme. At that time, Changchun will be imbued with various stars and excellent films.

With the constant proceeding of reform and opening up, the quality and level of people’s lives are steadily improved. Owing to its unique charm, the film increasingly influences people’s lives. Star dream, director dream, idol dream, hero dream, star worship dream, better life dream……An exclusive “film dream” is yearned for by almost everyone deep in the heart. Therefore “My Film My Dream” Poetry and Prose Contest of The 14th Changchun Film Festival aims to provide the masses with a platform to voice and express film dream.

I. Host

The 14th Changchun Film Festival Organization Committee

II. Organizers

Propaganda Department of Changchun Municipal Party Committee

Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Changchun

Changchun Writers Association

III. Contribution Collection Time

From now to August 20, 2018

IV. Contribution Theme

The contribution theme is “My Film My Dream”. And the following can be some examples: Film watching dream, Producing dream, Film-strong country dream, Accessing root of Changchun Film Festival dream, On-site experience of Changchun Film Festival dream.  

V. Requirements

1. The contribution should satisfy the following requirements: explicit standpoint, highlighted theme, clear logic, fluent language and simple style of writing.

2. Contribution genre should be poetry or prose.

3. One author can only submit a contribution of one genre, with word number less than 1500 for prose, or with lines less than 40 for modern poem.

4. Contributions should be original works. If plagiarism is found, judging qualification of the contribution will be canceled.

VI. Rewards

Poetry category and prose category

The 1st Prize (5 for each category): Bonus 800 yuan for each

The 2nd Prize (10 for each category): Bonus 500 yuan for each

The 3rd Prize (15 for each category): Bonus 200 yuan for each

VII. Entry and Selection Way

1. Entry way

Contribution should be submitted in WORD format. The file name is “My Film My Dream”. And author name, contact way and ID number are required to be noted in the end of the text.

Contribution collection E-mail: cczx85649773@163.com

Contact: Zhai Lijuan

Tel: 0431-85649773

2. Selection Way

Judging panel will judge all the works during the selection stage from 21 to 25 August, 2018.