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News Express

News Express

Chase “Deer” in Changchun “Film” moves the City—2018 Cross the City World Tour, Changchun Station Launches Its Entry

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News clue: The 14th Changchun Film Festival will be held on September 1-8, 2018 in Changchun. Who will win the highest honor “Golden Deer Award” of the Festival? While stars will gather in Changchun t

News clue: The 14th Changchun Film Festival will be held on September 1-8, 2018 in Changchun. Who will win the highest honor “Golden Deer Award” of the Festival? While stars will gather in Changchun to compete for “Golden Deer Award”, we can also experience the charm of the Festival. From now on, Chase “Deer” in Changchun “Film” moves the City—2018 Cross the City World Tour, Changchun Station is launched officially. Let’s experience the beauty of crossing.

Fun+challenge, cooperation+wisdom, a special competition which can make the whole city in an exciting and lively atmosphere, comes to beautiful Changchun in this hot summer, sending its invitation letters to you, your family and friends. Come on! Let’s experience a journey of crossing.

What can we play?

Cross the city in one day

If you ask the competition mode, it can be described like this: it is like passing through checkpoints, as well as a tour of city focusing on experience. This time Cross the City World Tour comes to Changchun and coincides to the opening of “The 14th Changchun Film Festival”. So the competition takes “Chase ‘Deer’ in Changchun, ‘Film’ moves the city” as its theme, aiming to focus on city culture and propagate the Festival. With film culture as the link, it will present teamwork spirit, city merit and development achievements. The competition combines former Changchun filmic shooting sites and Changchun new landmarks with directional cross country sports, and lets Changchun film culture merge into city development. When you are involved in this competition, your every step feels like crossing film world and real world.

In this one day, you will challenge different tasks of separate routes. In order to succeed in this fun and challenging competition, teamwork spirit and your intelligence play a prominent role. Every participant will be in team mode for this crossing city competition in one day. There are several routes. And in every route, there are five mysterious task spots.

According to the clues, every team needs to finish the specified tasks and get the surprising gifts possibly in this task spot. In every route, the team which has already finished five tasks and come to the end point first is the route champion and will won one “Little Golden Deer” of this route.

Why is it fun?

Task sites are full of fun and challenges.

In the whole competition, there are several challenge routes, which is task-based competition like “Running Man” and “Amazing Race”. Compared with Marathon of high requirements, this is easier, with more fun, and suitable for the whole family.

This will be a cross tour in the city. In this one day, you can review the film culture of Changchun, enjoy the most beautiful scene in Changchun, as well as have the typical Changchun food. It is a special competition, with fashion and senses together, with sport, traveling, fun and challenge united, embodying teamwork. Thus competitors can gain a variety of feeling through it.

More important, you can open new area of Changchun to the world through your participation and experience. Sponsor for Changchun and support your hometown.

How to sign up?

Entry in team. The whole family can take part in this competition.

Right now, the competition preparation is in progress and our entry work is launched officially!

The entry of team is accepted only. And the team will be divided into adult group and parenting group. For adult group, there should be five people with at least one opposite sex; for parenting group, three children and three adults form one team, with children older than 4. After successful teaming up, a captain should be elected by yourself and a team slogan also requires your own wisdom. Then apply to take part in the competition through entry entrance.

If you can’t make up a team in this short time, don’t worry. We build a wechat group for those who are single but still would like to participate in our competition. So if you want to take part in it but worry about being without the team, you can join the group first, then find your teammates, finally form the team.

The competition invites all the citizens. As long as you love sports, fashion enough and expect to play highly with us, , you can come to sign up when satisfying the entry conditions!


1. As long as you take part in the competition, you can win medal and gifts

The organization committee provides the competitors with unified clothes, backpacks, drinks, food, medical emergency kits, timing chips, as well as corresponding insurance. All the competitors are required to be engaged in the competition according to specified mode. In the competition, through good cooperation, competitors can win various presents. Moreover, every competitor can have a medal for 2018 cross city world tour. And five medals in one team can make up a award plate.

2. Complete the tasks, experience the beauty of city

This is no more than a competition, but it is more like a city crossing tour. We arrange several mysterious task spots for you to challenge. At other times, when you come to the task spots, maybe an expensive ticket is required. Or some is not open to the public. But this time, you can enter freely to experience the beauty of the city. In the meanwhile, there is at least one entertaining challenge task of every challenge route, such as climbing, archery, room break, bumper cars……Their prices have already more than our entry fee.

3. Team entry only

This lively competition embodies the spirit of teamwork. So we only accept team entry. If you can’t invite enough friends, but still would like to join us, it doesn’t matter. You can add 13624496618 to be Wechat friend. We will organize Wechat group for you to find friends with similar characters.

4. The entry will stop when the quotas have been all occupied

Competition entry hotline: 13624496618  0431-85374689

Competition cooperative hotline: 0431-85374398 18626715555

Official information release platform: New Culture Newspaper, ZAKER Jilin

Entry way: entry channel is already open. Entry through scanning.


Entry story

Come to our competition with your children and neighbors

2018 cross city world tour Changchun station is launched officially. It is the first day for entry yesterday. The competition gains many responses and consultations since many people are very interested in this fashion and fresh sport competition.

After reading the newspaper, Mr. Zhang finds the activity very interesting and challenging, and would like to join with his children, in order to let the children experience its fun. The parenting group requires three adults and three children. There are not enough people in his own family. So he invites two neighbors to form a parenting team. This is the charm of parenting group. Three families form one team to challenge different tasks. But how about those who can’t join them? According to the experiences of other cities, other family members can take part in competition of adult groups or form logistics team for parenting group because in this charming competition full of challenges, ensuring logistics are of great importance to win the championship. .

Li Bo reads the newspaper in the early morning and finds the activity very interesting and challenging. He likes hiking. So with his hiking friends he makes up one team quickly. They finish their entry in a hurry because they are afraid of full quota. Li Bo says that everyone is looking forward to this activity and feels exciting after the entry. And they have already named their team now, as “Going together”

Mr. Dong phoned us and said they had a small group with more than 100 people, who always played together and liked this kind of activity, fashion and challenging, especially could propagate the hometown. Everyone was very interesting in this activity and would like to take part in it. They are making up teams now.

Here we’d like to remind you especially, among the five people of adult group, at least one person of the opposite sex is required. (Feng Yan)