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News Express

Dream Fulfilling and Inheriting Initiative Will Support Dream Realization of New-Generation Filmmakers

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“Filmmakers of new generation are expected to achieve their international reputation with their outstanding works through this initiative.” said excitedly by Dafei, director of SILENT WINTER. On the e

On September 7, the press conference of “Dream Fulfilling and Inheriting of New-Generation Filmmakers” Initiative was held in Changchun Film Studio, which composes the series of project release activities of The 14th Changchun Film Festival. Photo by Yuan Jigang

“Filmmakers of new generation are expected to achieve their international reputation with their outstanding works through this initiative.” said excitedly by Dafei, director of SILENT WINTER. On the evening of September 7, the press conference of “Dream Fulfilling and Inheriting of New-Generation Filmmakers” Initiative was held in the square of Former Site Museum of Changchun Film Studio.

The press conference was co-hosted by Changchun Film Studio and Beijing Shengyao Film and Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. In the project sharing section, there were three parts: big film, cartoon film and TV series. The project introductions were presented by the creators of the following works: film, SILENT WINTER, WUMINGKUANG and THE COMMITMENT; cartoon film, CRAZY PILLOW; TV series, SANHAOCHASHENG, LIUGUANGZHICHENG. The film crews shared their creation process, psychological journeys, film stories and production ideas, presenting their enthusiasm and devotion towards works.

Mobile cinema project is one focal point of this press conference. Many citizens felt curious about the mobile cinemas which possess functions of watching films in advance, 2K screening and commenting. Gao Qunyao, CEO of mobile cinema explained that relying on Changchun Film Festival, after release through this platform, the mobile cinema would be popularized to the market officially. In the future, the films screened in the cinema can be watched in mobile cinema APP synchronously. It would be convenient for the consumers to watch films anytime and anywhere according to their needs.

Gao Qunyao indicated that because of limited number of screens in the cinema, only 52 films could be screened every year for one screen, half of which are foreign films like Hollywood. “For youth directors, most of their works don’t have opportunities to be screened in the cinema. The occurrence of mobile cinemas will break the limitation of film publicity channels and enable more films with film licenses to be screened.” After hearing this good news, Lu Jian, director of THE COMMITMENT, was very excited since he could popularize his new film in Changchun Film Festival, especially witnessed the release of “Dream Fulfilling and Inheriting of New-Generation Filmmakers” Initiative, although he just missed the award of The 42nd Montreal World Film Festival Competition Section. From his perspective, this would usher in new development room for artistic films with middle or low cost.

In addition, mobile cinema customizes “Going Abroad” initiative for China films of quality, starting from European countries like Spain and Italy, towards “small quantity and low box office” phenomenon of China films in foreign mainstream cinemas. More than 20 foreign-award-wining films of high quality, represented by DAWNING, SILENT WINTER, will be screened one after another through foreign mobile terminal. (Bi Xinyue)