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News Express

The 14th Changchun Film Festival Closed Successfully (With Winner List)

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The scenery of Jilin’s September is charming and a rich harvest is in prospect. The night of Changchun is full of good news, bright and shining.

The scenery of Jilin’s September is charming and a rich harvest is in prospect. The night of Changchun is full of good news, bright and shining.

On the evening of September 8, “New Era· New Cradle· New Power” Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony of The 14th Changchun Film Festival was held grandly in Five Ring Gym of Changchun Sports Center. Numerous excellent national producers, directors, actors, professionals and scholars of both old and new generations gathered in Changchun, together with Changchun citizens to celebrate this 8-day film grand festival. We reaped the rewards pleasantly, unveiled winners of “Golden Deer Awards”, saluted the history and opened the future.

The Festival is directed by State Administration of Film, co-hosted by Central Radio and Television Station and Peoples Government of Jilin Province and organized by Peoples Government of Changchun. The following leaders were present at Closing Ceremony: Li Guoqi, Deputy Director of State Administration of Film; Zhu Tong, Member of CCTV Branch Party Group of China Media Group, Deputy Chief Editor; and provincial and municipal leadership: Wang Xiaoping, An Lijia, Zhao Ming and Jia Lina.

One barn lantern, one kindling, seventeen golden years…… With the play of opening film KINDLING, by months’ accumulation and 8-day exhibition, The 14th Changchun Film Festival came to its Closing Ceremony and Award Ceremony. Previously, one kindling brightened film program’s cradle of new China. Now, after the inheriting of several generations, this kindling with its film heat already became to the “Cradle Spirit” of new era. Stay true to the mission and lead China film to new prospects.

The kindling collection and transmission was one important part, occurring for the first time in this Festival. In the opening film, Wu Yinghan, performing art major freshman of Beijing Film Academy, who represented fresh blood of film field, walked through the main gate, workshops, paths, Former Site Museum of Changchun Film Studio, the 3rd film studio, with barn lantern in her hands, leading the audience into a time-space transform from the black-white to blue rays. Through this kindling of barn lantern, passion and glory of old generation filmmakers, hope and belief of young generation were both reflected.

Three chapters penetrated Closing Ceremony: New Era, New Cradle and New Power, with the following titles: Talking About New Era, Cradle, and Growth. Outstanding youth actors and actress, Huang Bo, Song Jia, and Li Guangjie presented the process of China film from its maturity to glory through simple and touching words in the form of theme narration. By their own growth stories, the era trend of China film development was lightened.

Except for narrators, Closing Ceremony invited nearly 140 stars and performing guests, including not only familiar faces like Jackie Chan, Zhang Jiayi and Xu Qing, but also new power like Lu Han, Xiong Ziqi and Shen Yue. Performing guests gave us wonderful performances, like songs Buwangchuxin, The Faith. The gathering of new power embodies the position of Changchun Film Festival “Focus on Youth”. For this reason, the organization committee added six awards, such as Best Youth Director, Best Youth Screenwriter, in order to encourage and cultivate China film new power.

Winning Golden Deer Award withDYING TO SURVIVE,

Winner of Award for Best Youth Actor: Xu Zheng

At the Award Ceremony Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency

Winning Golden Deer Award withTHE WASTED TIMES

Winner of Award for Best Youth Actress: Zhang Ziyi

At the Award Ceremony Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency

Winners of Award for Best Feature Film

Casting representatives of OPERATION RED SEA

Casting representatives of DYING TO SURVIVE

At the Award Ceremony Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency

With the proceeding of the Award Ceremony, ten awards like Award for Best Music, Award for Debut Film and Award for Best Cinematography, were unveiled one after another. Eventually, the grand final award: Award for Best Feature Film belonged to OPERATION RED SEA and DYING TO SURVIVE. 

Narration, performance and awarding made the audience’s blood boil several times. In the past eight days, the whole Changchun was full of passion and enthusiasm because of the Festival. Every activity achieved its unprecedentedly grand influence.

In order to cultivate, support and incubate outstanding new power of China film, “Golden Deer Project” enabled excellent works, youth filmmakers and industry resources to contact with each other effectively; Three sections of Film Cultural Activities for the Masses provided a platform for the people, where they could leave their brilliant figures on the stage of the Festival; A series of activities in “Changchun Film 24 Hours” traced back to the history and original mission of China film and expected the bright future of China film in the new era. Film forums gathered first-rate “think tank” who gave advice and suggestions to China film of this new era. Ten major activities and six sections led the new generation to inherit and continue this glory by imagination, enthusiasm and ardor.

When the ambassadors of the Festival Jackie Chan and Zhou Dongyu transmitted the kindling to 14 volunteers, The 14th Changchun Film Festival closed successfully. This wasn’t the end, but the new start. With ambitions in the heart, filmmakers of new era would set out again from the cradle of new China film program and became more powerful to brighten China film field.

Actress Zhou Dongyu at the ceremony of red carpet  Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency

Actress Song Jia at the ceremony of red carpet  Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency

Ni Ping (Left), Fan Ming (Right) at the ceremony of red carpet  Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency

Actress Xu Qing at the ceremony of red carpet  Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency

Actor Lu Han at the ceremony of red carpet  Photo by Xu Chang, journalist of Xinhua News Agency


Attachment: “Golden Deer Awards” Winner List


Award-winning film or individual

Award for Best Feature Film



Award for Best Youth Screenwriter

Han Jianv, Zhong Wei, Wen Muye (DYING TO SURVIVE)

Award for Best Youth Director


Award for Best Youth Actor


Award for Best Youth Actress


Award for Best Youth Supporting Actor

Wang Chuanjun (DYING TO SURVIVE)

Award for Best Youth Supporting Actress


Award for Best Cinematography

Feng Yuanwen (Hong Kong) (OPERATION RED SEA)

Award for Best Music

Chen Guangrong (Hong Kong) (THE FOUNDING OF AN ARMY)

Award for Debut Film