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News Express

The 1st “Blue Planet” Forum for Science Fiction and Film Closed Successfully

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On the morning of September 2, The 1st“Blue Planet” Forum for Science Fiction and Film was held successfully in Changchun. As one important part of The 14th Changchun Film Festival, by taking “Cross·C


On the morning of September 2, The 1st“Blue Planet” Forum for Science Fiction and Film was held successfully in Changchun. As one important part of The 14th Changchun Film Festival, by taking “Cross·Connect·Create” as its theme, the forum gathered filmmakers, science fiction writers, scientists and science fiction lovers, realizing ideas communication among science, technology and art.

At 9 o’clock, the spectators were led to the year of 2035 with the amazing scene of the opening science fiction micro film The Memory about the Planet, through which The 1st“Blue Planet” Forum for Science Fiction and Film was unveiled.

“Science Fiction” makes trans-boundary impact of science and film come true

Zhang Mingyu, Member of the 14th Changchun Film Festival Organization Committee, Secretary of Party Committee and Director General of Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of Changchun, attended the Forum and delivered the speech. He said: “Film is concentration of imaginative art. Through this art form, human imagination is continuously challenged. On the other hand, the realization of imagination relies on scientific and technological methods. Therefore, the 14th Changchun Film Festival arranges this Forum with ‘Cross·Connect·Create’ as its theme”. In his opinion, among all the activities of the Festival, “science fiction”, as trans-boundary impact of science and film, was a pioneering work of the Festival, and it had attracted wide attention because of this topic.

Zhou Xing, Professor of Beijing Normal University, Founder of Beijing College Student Film Festival, Vice-chairman of Chinese Collegial Association for Visual Art, said in his speech: “Ten years ago, as the judge of Changchun Film Festival, I felt the charm of new China film cradle. The slogan ‘New Era’, ‘New Power’ will give new impetus for the Festival development. If we are confined to the old systems, the development will be limited after all. We have to seize the real requirements of the new era, of the new generation. Otherwise, we can’t follow the trend of the era, not to mention 80 years later of our science fiction films.” Zhou Xing praised that “Blue Planet” Forum not only provided supports for Changchun Film Festival, but also spared no efforts for Chinese science fiction of film and television in real sense, as well as the breakthrough of our localization.

As the organizer of the Forum, Shen Jiangying, member of board, Vice President of Xinhua Net, said in his speech that the marriage of science fiction and film gave birth to the amazing fictional world where connected micro world, space and all the creatures, where created novel goods and ideas. Full of magic imagination and with scientific foundation, this science fiction world was presented in front of us through high technology methods and film art, which brought us fresh and interesting experience deepened our thinking of future world and lighted human’s motivation and determination to change the world. At present, we made every effort to make science fiction art creation and science fiction film program prosper, which took on significance to promote the construction of technology power, strengthen cultural confidence and satisfy the requirements of good life.

What is science fiction film?

Jiang Bo, famous science fiction writer, winner of Best Short Fiction Golden Award of the 7th Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award 2017, divided science fiction films into two types. The first one was “stories about gods and demons” in the digital age. Imagination was the inborn capacity. The myths and Kongfu stories were both representation of imagination, which had no direct relationship with real science and technology. Here science was used as a stage property. The second was science fiction film with “future design”. Based on the comprehension of modern science and technology, it could forecast the future in real sense and make some judgments of the future. In order to forecast astrospace, by using THE MARTIAN, INTERSTELLAR and 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, Jiang Bo explained what “future design” of science fiction film was. Based on genetic technology, JURASSIC PARK, THE ISLAND, and AVATAR extended the imagination of life. While interpreting artificial intelligence films WALL.E, THE TERMINATOR, and THE MATRIX, he reflected whether the significance of human existence would be erased radically.

“The birth of science fiction is from our greed for this world. When we talk about science fiction, we must use science spirit to interpret this imagination.” Zhang Ran, winner of the Golden Award of The 4th and 6th Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award, used this one sentence to summarize “What is science fiction?”. Zhang Shuangnan, researcher of Institute of High Energy Physics of Chinese Academy of Science, director of Key Laboratory of Particle Astrophysics, also answered this question. He said:“Science fiction originates from science and technology, but higher than it. Science fiction is the aesthetic creation of science and technology.”Based on brain neuroscience, he interpreted conditions of beauty, i.e. “no defects and not common”, based on which he analyzed aesthetic creation of INTERSTELLAR. He said:“The aesthetic creation principles of INTERSTELLAR is the appointment between scientific consultant and director. We are still blind to several regulations of the universe and physics. The prediction of these regulations must come from real science and leave reasonable room for artistic creation.”

Similarly, Liu Wei, Human-computer interaction and cognitive engineering specialist, professor of Beihang University also appraised INTERSTELLAR highly and viewed it as “the best science fiction work in the human history”. Same with Zhang Shuangnan, he held that without the concept of “love”, there would be no senses and values between human and machine, as well as human and world, just like the words in the opening film created by Xinhua Net Media Convergence Future Academy—“maybe only love can surpass time and life dimensions and lights the hope for us to find miracles.”

Why is there gap between Chinese science fiction films and western ones?

Yu Bo, Executive Vice President of Beijing Yitianhuanxiang Film Company, used statistics to prove vigor and vitality of China science fiction and introduced the efforts they had made to publicize science fiction. In recent years, Yitianhuanxiang, with Xinhua Net and Time Imagination, organized activities of Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Appraisal and Award continuously. In his opinion, science fiction works were once niche and the best method to be popular was with the help of internet.

The deep conversation of “science fiction films from the angle of filmmakers and scientists” was the highlight of this Forum. Hosted by Wu Shuang, youth science fiction writer and winner of Award for Best Newcomer of The 5th Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award, the heated discussion was about “what kind of film is science fiction film? What features does good science fiction film possess?”And the following guests participated in the debate: Wang Jinkang, one of four kings of Chinese science fiction, winner of Galaxy Award and Life Achievement Award of Global Chinese Science Fiction Nebula Award; Hou Zengguang, researcher of Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Director of The State Key Laboratory for Management and Control of Complex Systems; Zhang Xiaoqing, Vice President of Cheers publishing; Deng kangyan, famous director and producer; Yang Jun, famous director and screenwriter; Gao Ge, student of Beijing Normal University, winner of the first prize of National New Concept Composition Contest for two times, “post-95s writer”.

The Forum was hosted by The 14th Changchun Film Festival Organization Committee and organized by Xinhua Net. And related principal of Xinhua Net indicated that in order to promote the development of science fiction film and literature, “Blue Planet” Forum for Science Fiction and Film would be extended continuously as a brand. In addition, The 1st Science Fiction Micro Film and Script Contest was arranged and would be launched next year. Welcome global creators and lovers of science fiction films and literature, especially the youths, to take part in the Contest.