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News Express

News Express

Changchun Has Proposed “Youth Proposition” and Supports “New Power” to Continue the Glory

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“New Era· New Cradle· New Power”! A “new” wave is surging in “Film City”. By means of the 26-year growth of Changchun Film Festival and 73-year accumulation of “Film Cradle of New China” Changchun Fil

“We are youths chasing film dream, concerning ourselves with the development of film program, expecting to participate in every steps of film production. Film can indicate spirit, carry dreams, surpass imaginations and present faiths……” College students put forward their youth proposals in “Dream Ceremony” of the Festival, full of ambitions. Like other youth filmmakers who were already on the film road, they found their “bosom friends” in Changchun Film Festival. 

Supports of the Industry for Changchun Film Festival

“The ideas of Changchun Film Festival are wide and edgy.” Liang Junjian, Associate Professor of Tsinghua University, director of documentary HIMALAYA LADDER TO PARADISE, made such comment, who participated in the Festival for the first time. “The emphasis on youth power is of practical significance for industry development. It will set up a stage for young creation powers, enabling more people know and understand them.” 36-year-old Liang Junjian said frankly that it was difficult for youth directors to gain their footholds and the most difficult was how to communicate their creative ideas and thoughts to the surroundings and spectators better. “There will be misconception about the communication or dread, fearing to compromise for communication .”

Director Liu Jie became famous in 2006 with his debut film BEIJING BICYCLE. At that time, he was 38 years old. At present, he even felt dropped behind when seeing thinking mode and narration style of youth directors. And towards “Golden Deer Awards” appraisal field for youth directors pioneered by Changchun Film Festival, he encouraged them “to find shooting styles suitable for both refined and popular taste”.

Reviewer Yan Peng with “Electronic Knight” as his nickname gave us one example. Previously, there were obvious “generations”, from the 4th to 6th. But for now, the field wouldn’t distinguish directors according to their generations. “There are youth directors with professional training, as well as those without training. So their directions are substantial, like network film, cinema film and documentary, indicating the multiplex quality of the era.”

From the angle of many filmmakers, Changchun Film Festival set up awards for the youths, held “Dream Ceremony” for young film lovers, sponsored China Film New Power Forum for discussing strategies of industry prosperity. These measures made the festival a channel to publicize youth directors and film lovers. It could attract more new power to join China film and form a virtuous circle of film talents.

Combination of Investment and Project Supports the Youth

Song Ziwen, executive editor of China Movie Report, provided us some statistics. Until August 5, the total box office of 2018 had already exceeded 40 billion yuan, one month earlier compared with last year. The annual box office was expected to surpass 60 billion yuan, among which the works of youth directors should take up more than 60%. “Supporting youth power conforms to the era trend. Youth filmmakers have to burst out their power. I think Changchun Film Festival is actually taking precautions beforehand from the angle of next 10 years.”

However, according toSurvey of Living Conditions of China Youth Directors 2017, the biggest problem faced by youth directors was financing. 58% youth directors need spend more than one year finding their investments. And in spite of finishing funds raising, it was still hard to find a stable production team…

The Festival launched “Golden Deer Project” and the ten best film programs were expected to abut industry resources effectively. By virtue of his short video SHILIU SHULE with 20 million fans on the internet, youth producer Hainizhati stood out successfully in the micro film panorama of China youth (college students). He said surprisingly: “Changchun Film Festival considers the effective combination of investment and project. There are no doubts that emergencies of outstanding youth directors can be solved. It indicates a professional festival’s determination and courage to support and incubate outstanding works and talents comprehensively.”

Changchun Film Festival supports youth filmmakers to turn story into video, thought into practice, and blueprint into reality. It pioneers an innovative road where youth power will not be “confined by rules and controlled by business”.

“Golden Deer” Youth Dream Is Ready to Be Unveiled

Film master Steven Spielberg shoots JAWS at the age of 29, E.T. at the age of 36 and establishes his status in film field. Nevertheless, in China, directors who are younger than 45 are classified into youth directors and most of them are still in the initial stage of creation. For this reason, among the films in the appraisal of China Film Aesthetics Annual Meeting and “Golden Deer Awards”, the final 15 films include SUDDENLY SEVENTEEN, directed by Zhang Mo, Zhang Yimou’s daughter; END OF SUMMER, once winning Spectator Award in the New Wave Section of Busan International Film Festival; THE EX-FILE: THE RETURN OF THE EXES, DYING TO SURVIVE, OPERATION RED SEA, with both market and public praise. Among the limited 10 awards, “Golden Deer Awards” set the following awards especially for youth filmmakers: Award for Best Youth Director, Award for Best Youth Screenwriter, Award for Best Youth Actor, Award for Best Youth Actress, Award for Best Youth Supporting Actor and Award for Best Youth Supporting Actress. This high proportion proves the Festival theme “Focusing China Movies New Generation, Building ChinaMovie’s New Strength”, triggering wide expectation of the final winners from both film field and spectators.